Father's Day Gift Bags

Father’s Day Gift Bags – Grab your FREE Download Now!

Looking for something a little more homemade this Father’s Day? Here’s a fun and easy gift that’s sure to bring a smile to his face.

Fill these cute gift bags with his favourite treats, funny jokes, homemade prezzies or anything that will brighten his day.

To demonstrate how simple they are to make, here’s a short video of one of the gift bags in action…

  • Download my gift bags and accessories templates below and print them onto thick paper or card.
  • Carefully cut out your gift bag along the outer solid line
  • Fold along each of the dotted lines
  • Using a craft knife, cut along the short grey slit seen on the front of the bag
  • Next, write your name on the back of the bag
  • Using double sided tape or glue, stick the Side Tab to the back of the bag
  • Fold down Tab C and place some double sided tape to the center of the tab
  • Fold down Tabs A and B and stick to Tab C
  • Add some double sided tape on top of Tabs A and B
  • Fold down Tab D and stick to Tabs A and B
  • Fold down the top flap of the bag and insert the flap into the slit, closing the bag
  • Cut out your chosen accessory and stick to the outside of the top flap using double sided tape
  • Your gift bag is now ready to fill!

Download your FREE Gift Bag Templates here…

Download Tie Version

Download Bow Version

Download Accessories

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