Maker Love - Niki Pilkington

Maker Love: Niki Pilkington

The world is filled with wonderful designers and makers, and I love nothing more than admiring creative work whether it’s online, at fairs and shows or in magazines.

When I come across something I really love, I’ll make a note of the artist, check them out online and eventually I’ll often end up buying something from them! Occasionally however, I’ll lose track of an artist or misplace their details in the mountain of post-its, notebooks and postcards in my studio (it’s true – I seriously need to put my organising hat on!).

In an attempt to organise these discoveries and to share the things I love with the world, I endeavour to post a “Maker Love” post at least once a month. Let’s share!

To kick off my Maker Love posts, I’ve chosen a wonderful Welsh illustrator, Niki Pilkington.

I first came across Niki’s beautiful drawings on Instagram, and I was immediately hooked. Her stunning and captivating illustrations (often portraits of imaginary women) combine exquisite line drawings with flashes of fluorescent colour and well known or quirky captions.

I absolutely love the creativity of her work, and the realness of her subjects.

Straight away, I placed an order for one of her illustrations – “Allan o olwg, allan o feddwl” (Welsh for “Out of sight, out of mind”).

Niki Pilkington

I ordered a frame at the same time so I could hang it proudly as soon as it arrived. It now hangs on our landing, so I get to admire it every day happy

Check out Niki’s website:

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