Donating My Hair To Charity

Donating My Hair To Charity

I’m terrible when it comes to cutting my hair regularly. Luckily I’ve been blessed with my Mom’s locks which means that my hair grows quickly, stays thick and looks shiny without too much effort, in turn making it even easier for me to skip on visits to the hairdressers.

I usually have my hair trimmed or restyled once a year, so often it gets super long and I’ll look to get a restyle in order to make it feel worthwhile.

Having lived in my village for just over a year I hadn’t yet familiarised myself with the local hairdressers, so a quick Facebook search got the ball rolling. The salon that immediately stood out for me was Twenty 12 Hair Boutique, who encouraged its customers to donate their hair to charity.

I’d heard of the concept before through famous charity hair chops such as Jessie J’s dramatic head shave, but I hadn’t really considered how I could help if i wasn’t brave enough for a grade 1.

Twenty 12 introduced me to The Little Princess Trust, a charity providing real-hair wigs free of charge, to boys and girls throughout the UK & Ireland that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

Requiring a minimum of 7 inches of hair, I knew I had at least that length that I could get rid of and better still, I’d know my hair could make a real difference to someone who needed it. What a lovely idea.

I took no time at all to book myself an appointment and get my locks chopped.

I expected to feel nervous about having over half of my length snipped off, but instead I felt really excited and strangely liberated to see my lovely hairdresser stood before me holding eight inches of my hair in a pony tail. I had a really pretty restyle too.

Twenty 12 kept hold of the hair and posted it off to The Little Princess Trust for me, making my donation even easier.

Although you can’t know exactly how your hair is used or who it goes on to help, it’s such a lovely feeling to think that it might be out there making someone smile.

On reflection, I should have gathered donations beforehand from friends and family to make my contribution even greater – I’ll definitely consider this next time!

So, if you’re planning on having a good old trim, check out The Little Princess Trust and donate yourself – I’d absolutely recommend it!

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