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Here Goes!

Welcome to my shiny new blog. Here I’ll be sharing all things Nook and Crannie including work in progress, new products, my inspirations and a few behind the scenes snapshots of where and how I work.

Whilst I loved writing as a child (having won a handwriting competition at my primary school I was convinced I was the next Enid Blyton), it’s been a while since I’ve written at great length, especially from a personal perspective. So please forgive me if I’m a little rusty!

I’m also excited to share a little more about me and my other passions, my daily adventures and just plain fun things.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, adventures and fun discoveries too, so feel free to join in a comment along the way…so here goes!


A little bit about me

If you’ve already read my About page you’ll know that I’m the maker and designer behind Nook and Crannie, a project I first started in 2012. Prior to this, I’d studied a degree in Contemporary Textile Practice at The University of Wales in Cardiff, graduating in 2007.

During my degree I had the opportunity to explore a myriad of making techniques and materials, which took me on a journey from drawing, sewing and painting, right through to installation art and video. This was an incredible experience for me where my creative ideas were really liberated, challenged and refined.


Home Grown

Urban Organics – Solo Exhibition, Lampeter, 2008


Following my degree I found myself working as a full time digital designer for a web design company in Bristol. Whilst I hadn’t envisaged moving into a totally digital world, the move was really exciting and I was keen to see how my predominantly tactile creative skills could adapt to a new format.

As far as my digital journey goes, the rest is history! I loved my new skills and the doors they’d opened for me. I went on to work for two larger agencies (as a project manager and as a digital designer), working on projects for well known brands including Nikon, Macmillan Cancer Support, BT, Discovery Foods and Jurys Inn.

In 2012, I started broadbean digital with my partner, Conrad. Together we offer a range of services from branding and advertising design, to website development and IT consultancy. It’s been a wonderful journey working together, and a lovely experience to watch the business grow.

I’ve been lucky enough to keep my craft projects running alongside my digital work. Working for myself has meant I’ve been able to strike a balance between both Nook and Crannie and broadbean projects, keeping my eye in on both worlds.




What else do I get up to?

When I’m not making or designing, I’m usually baking, keeping fit (a relatively new hobby!), visiting fairs/shows, seeing friends or working on our home. Although we’ve lived in our house for almost two years now and I’ve still not made our curtains yet!




Other silly facts

  1. As a child, my parents and sister nicknamed me hanna-manna-monkey-spanna
  2. I have an irrational and sometimes embarrassing fear of moths and butterflies
  3. My left arm is slightly bent due to a gymnastics accident when I was 4
  4. I’ve been told I have a high belly button, which apparently should mean I’m good at sprinting
  5. My dream holiday destination is Japan
  6. I hate musicals (sorry to all the musical lovers out there!)


So there you have it! That’s me and my world

With the first post now under my belt, I’m feeling warmed up and raring to go. I do hope you enjoy reading my posts and I look forward to sharing more with you!

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